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Community Awareness & Activities

Community Awareness Projects

Community Awareness
Community Awareness

Students in Y2Y choose which problems in the community they feel are most important and then organize an event or plan an activity to raise awareness and help make a positive change.

Some of the initiatives are short term or one time, stand alone projects such as the tobacco litter Beach Butt Pick-up Project or the Budweiser Go-Kart Project. Some initiatives are sustained over a longer period of time.  For example, the Spencer Gifts Project has continued off and on for over 13 years.

Other times Youth to Youth decides to conduct a broad Comprehensive Campaign where they take on an issue over a sustained period of time by using multiple activities and initiatives to get a message out to the community. For example both the Fridge Campaign and the Brain Campaign were multi-year campaigns that utilized radio PSAs, presentations, informational demonstrations, Sticker Shock, and many other elements – all supporting the central message of that campaign.

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