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Youth to Youth Teams

To be a member, the student and parent must complete an application form, pay a fee, and sign media and liability waivers.  Since it is not practical to try to have a meeting with 70 kids, we divide the students up into teams.  Each team consists of approximately 18-25 students and 2 advisers.

We currently operate with four teams. Each team works on their own projects throughout the year such as presentations, community awareness activities, and media production. Teams are separated by age and skill level. On larger projects and major campaigns teams will often work together.

Each member is assigned to one of these core teams. In addition to these teams, selected students may be assigned to specialized project teams and a few members are assigned to the Leadership Team. This is a group of 8 – 10 older students who have shown advanced skill, have several years of experience as a Youth to Youth member and have demonstrated leadership in the program. The Leadership Team acts as the Board of Directors for the program. They make decisions for the larger group since it is not practical to have 70 students vote on a t-shirt design or decide what position the group should take on a piece of legislation.

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