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Presentation & Training

Presentations and Training


Our students speak to groups, classrooms, workshops, and major assemblies in schools and at training conferences in Dover, throughout New Hampshire and across the country.

Teams of Dover Youth to Youth students have traveled to present or teach others in 19 states, the District of Columbia and Bermuda. We have presented workshops at many regional and state prevention conferences such as the New England Institute of Addiction Studies.  We have also presented multiple times at CADCA, the National Conference on Tobacco or Health, and the National Leadership Conference on Underage Drinking.


All of our presentations are designed to be youth-taught.  To accomplish this, we have developed a very effective method for cultivating and developing youth presenters and, in fact, one of our presentations involves youth teaching other youth Presentation Skills for Youth Advocates.

The training we do is broadly divided into two types:

  • Training we provide to a general school or community audience.
  • Advocacy training we provide to youth and/or the adult staff who work with youth. This is generally to assist another community in starting (or strengthening) a youth empowerment program like our own.

To request a presentation by Dover Youth to Youth of any of the presentations described in this website, or to request a customized training program, go to How to Schedule Us.

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