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Who We Are

Our program generally has 70 registered members every year.  Since it is not practical to try to have a meeting with 70 kids, we divide the students up into teams.  Each team consists of approximately 20-25 students and an advisor.  We also have several college students from The University of New Hampshire and other surrounding colleges who assist the teams and the Y2Y program as interns.

Although the teams have the opportunity to do a variety of fun and drug-free recreational activities, such as dances, team building games, bowling, and improve games, the primary function of Youth to Youth is to act as a youth empowerment program where students have the opportunity to take an active role in drug-prevention initiatives.

Each Youth to Youth team takes on different types of prevention activities and the members of the teams help to decide which projects their team will get involved in throughout the year.  There are 4 main categories of prevention projects that students can take part in:

  • Media productions, particularly creating radio ads.
  • Presentations at schools, conferences and other locations.
  • Community and School Awareness Programs.
  • Legislative efforts at the local or state level.

You can learn more about the projects Youth to Youth does in these categories by going to the What We Do Menu above.

As a substance abuse and violence prevention program, Youth to Youth seeks to empower youth to take on community issues by following our Youth Empowerment Model.

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