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Dover Youth to Youth is a large, comprehensive youth empowerment program where students are organized and aggressively participate as part of “the solution” to the tobacco, drug, underage drinking, & violence problem.

Alison Glass – 2013 Intern of the Year Award Winner

There are 4 individual groups totaling over 70 students in grades 6-12.  Each group has its own adult advisors and advocacy projects.  The groups each meet on a given day and time during the week and conduct a wide variety of programs, including:  teaching school assemblies, creating & recording radio PSAs, conducting demonstrations and awareness campaigns in the community, and proposing legislative changes at the state and local level.

Interns from the University of New Hampshire and other colleges assist us by working with these teen groups and assist them in their various drug prevention projects. Interns help students develop the skills they need to conduct their projects.  They also help plan the meetings, supervise student activities, and act as role models for the Youth to Youth members. Extensive and specific information on Youth to Youth’s prevention activities is available throughout this website.

To help interns coach the students, training is provided to them on alcohol abuse, drug information, drug and violence prevention, skill development for advocates, and media literacy principles.  In the process our interns learn a great deal about the drug and violence problem, potential solutions, and techniques for working with teens. No prior experience in drug prevention is required.


We look for interns who are outgoing and willing to work with teens. A background check is required to work with youth and it is conducted by the Dover Police Department.

For more information on internships – or to request an interview for an internship – go to the Contact Us page of this web site.

Dover Youth to Youth is coordinated by the Dover Police Department’s Community Outreach Bureau as part of its effort to reach out to and involve the community in reducing the harm of substance abuse and violence.

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