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Short Skits

Short Theatrical Skits

Y2Y Skit Presentations
Y2Y Skit Presentations

They are generally quick to learn, provide a sense of accomplishment, develop teamwork, provide drug information, and most students have fun doing them. They also provide an excellent opportunity for students to be exposed to being in front of an audience without having the pressure of learning a lengthy presentation.

Short skits can be a great addition to many substance abuse related activities conducted by your group or to supplement an event another organization is putting on. We have found them useful before an alcohol presentation, to community groups, at PTA meetings, during DARE graduations, and at parent training programs.

Y2Y Student Actor
Y2Y Student Actor

A flash drive of all of our theatrical skits – including scripts and in many cases a video showing what a performance looks like – is available for sale from Youth to Youth for a nominal price. All proceeds support the drug prevention activities of Dover Youth to Youth. For more information, go to the Purchase Products page of this web site. Examples of our short skits follow.

Party Hardy Partyline

Skit Description:  Party Hardy Party Line is a short, simple to learn skit in the format of a radio talk show.   Party Hardy can be performed by 4 students and the key roles are two radio talk show personalities, a narrator and a caller.

Core Message: The skit’s message focuses on alcohol and encourages adults not to provide kids with alcohol or a place to drink.

View a video version of Party Hardy Partyline.



Skit Description: This skit uses satire and humor to spoof the alcohol industry.  A fictitious brewing company is looking for a Chief executive and this situation is used to jab at the industry for the harm its products have done and their failure to alert the public of the risks.

A second version of this skit uses the same format to spoof the past actions of the tobacco industry and the same failure to alert the public to the risks of using their product.

Core Message: This skit is designed to highlight the alcohol and tobacco industries past practice of hiding the real truth about their product’s harm and risks.

View a video version of Interview.

What’s your Good Reason?!

Skit Description:”What’s Your Good Reason?!” is a humorous, high energy skit in the format of a game show, parodying shows such as Jeopardy or the Dating Game.  The skit can be performed with 6 students in the roles of game show host, announcer, and four contestants.

Core Message: The focus is on encouraging kids not to start smoking through a discussion of the health and social consequences of using tobacco products

Other Skits:

  • Top 7 (A humorous, David Letterman-style review of the top seven reasons the students in your school are not smoking)
  • American Idle (marijuana consequences)
  • The Operation (tobacco consequences)
  • Guessing Game (parental use of alcohol)
  • Burger Joint (marijuana consequences)
  • Breaking Up (quitting tobacco)
  • The Newscast (tobacco industry lies)
  • New Ad Campaign (alcohol industry advertising practices)
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