What We Do

Comprehensive Campaigns

These campaigns are longer and more involved projects that each team and all the members in Y2Y is able to participate in. Before starting a campaign we decide what the broad goal is. For example, in our Brain Campaign the goal was to reduce underage drinking. Next we decide the strategy or “theory of change”. In the Brain Campaign our theory is that if we raise awareness that alcohol affects all the parts of the brain – and the attendant consequences – it will increase the perception of risk and reduce the level of teen drinking as a result.

Y2Y Campaign

Y2Y Campaign

We also pick a specific theme or icon. The Brain Campaign’s icon is an image of the brain. In the Love Your Os Campaign the icon was the chemical symbol for oxygen O2.  In the Fridge Campaign the symbol or icon used was either a milk cartons or a refrigerator. We expect a campaign to go for a minimum of two years, after which it can be considered for continuation. Comprehensive campaigns normally have a variety of elements or activities so that the core message is delivered and reinforced through a variety of means.  Youth to Youth often uses activities such as: