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Taylor’s Message Presentation and Media

Since 2009 Dover Youth to Youth has been working with Kathi Meyer Sullivan to help bring attention to Taylor’s Message and the consequences of underage drinking. This has been done through school wide assemblies, community presentations, and media campaigns.

Kathi Sullivan provides a frank discussion of underage drinking risks and the miss-perceptions that teens, and sometimes adults, have about alcohol. These issues are considered in the context of what happened to her daughter Taylor.

Taylor Meyer went to a drinking party in the woods. When she left the party, she went the wrong way and walked deeper into the woods. She drowned in only two feet of water, alone in the cold woods, because of the alcohol in her system.

Taylors Message PosterKathi started giving presentations just two months later in hopes that her message would enlighten others on the dangers of underage drinking and poor choices. Passionate about reaching student’s hearts and minds, she shares what happened that night, how it could have been prevented, and how Taylor’s death has affected Taylor’s friends, family and community.

In addition Chris Sullivan, who is Kathi’s husband, will also be presenting. Chris, who formerly played for the New England Patriots will tell his personal story of how alcohol and substance abuse robbed him of his dreams and opportunities – including his professional football career.

Kathi has been working closely with Dover Youth to Youth over the last 6 years and has been encouraging the community to “Speak up and Stand Out” against underage drinking.

Listen to the radio PSA Youth to Youth created with Kathi.

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