Web Based Training

Youth to Youth now offers a variety of web based training. We have a series of topics that will be offered throughout the year. All of the 2017-2018 school year webinars are being offered to the first 100 people that register for free.

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Training Dates and Topics


Implementing Youth Empowerment: A Model for Action
Tuesday, October 3rd 2017 at 3 pm ET
This session will provide attendees with core principles and extensive insight on the process of implementing a youth empowerment program. The One Voice Youth Empowerment Model will be explained and specific examples of steps that can be taken to implement that model will be illustrated. Topics covered include: important considerations for getting a program started, youth as a part of a coalition, skills training for youth advocates, selecting action projects, and supervising youth advocates. Examples of action projects will be described. This webinar is designed for adults that work with youth advocates, those that supervise youth programs, or those wishing to implement a youth empowerment program. After the core presentation, time will be allowed for questions from webinar attendees.

Teaching Presentation Skills to Youth Advocates & The Early Elementary Samantha Skunk Program
Tuesday October 17th 2017 at 3 pm ET
This webinar will show the participants how to prepare their youth advocates to be effective presenters and public speakers. There will be a focus on building the core elements that make up a good presentation, including: voice control, animation, and projection skills. Teaching these principles will be done in the context of preparing students to teach the Samantha Skunk Medicine Safety presentation, but the principles apply generally to any situation where a youth advocate was preparing to present or speak to a class, at a public hearing, in a video, or to a reporter. The presenters will also describe the Samantha Skunk program and how it can be used to develop presentation skills in your youth advocates while providing a tool for your group to bring a strong Rx and medicine safety message to young children in your community.

Working Effectively with the Press
Tuesday, January 30th 2018 at 3 pm ET
This webinar is designed to provide participants with a foundation and framework for youth, their adult advisers and the coalition generally to collaborate with the mass media and press to get their message out. The webinar will address the process of training youth to refine their message and get it out through the press and media. This will include developing talking points and sound bites, teaching youth to prepare a press release, developing media contacts, preparing a letter to the editor, and preparing to be interviewed by a reporter. The webinar will also provide tips and a step-by-step process for holding a press conference and preparing youth to answer 6 common types of questions. Resources and supporting materials will be provided to participants.

Involving Youth Advocates in Policy Change.
Tuesday, February 20th 2018 at 3 pm ET
The focus of this webinar is to assist a youth group’s adviser in preparing youth advocates to participate in policy change activities – including state and local legislative activities, as well as non-legislative policy change efforts aimed at schools, retailers and other organizations. Presenters will provide instruction and tips for planning and preparing to conduct policy change initiatives, including preparation to deliver testimony to a legislative or deliberative body.

In addition to simple examples of policy change initiatives, the webinar will provide a step by step description of the process used by students in Dover, NH to pass a city ordinance in that community. Presenters will also provide a detailed description of the process used to test if local retailers would sell marijuana-themed merchandise to teens and pre-teens, and efforts to get them to change their practices/policies.