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Purchase Products

Purchase Products

We try to make it easy for prevention groups to obtain our resources for legitimate substance abuse prevention purposes. If you see anything we have that would help your group that is not listed here, please let us know. You can make purchases using the PayPal “Add to Cart” and “View Cart” buttons below. If you are unable to make online purchases and need us to mail you an invoice please e-mail us. Please make sure you read the terms and conditions below before completing your purchase.


Product Description Price
One Voice Youth Empowerment Toolkit A comprehensive training manual of Dover Y2Y’s work product – including: project descriptions, lesson plans, PowerPoints, exercises, handouts, skit scripts, PSAs, media and other work product. The Toolkit was created to assist local communities that are trying to replicate our Youth Empowerment Model. See the Youth to Youth Toolkit page for more info. A valuable resource for both established and new groups. $700

PSA and Skit Scripts One Flash Drive with all Radio and Video PSA files, PSA script files, skit script files, and some skit videos. $50

History of Lies Flash Drive One flash drive with a PowerPoint, Lesson Plan, and supporting videos needed to allow the user to provide a 45-minute lesson that covers 100+ years of tobacco industry lies and deception. $50

Pop Culture Influences on Underage Drinking Presentation Flash Drive and DVD This package includes everything you would need to conduct the 2020 version this presentation. Included is: the lesson plan; an instruction packet; the core video on a DVD; and a flash drive with the lesson plan, PowerPoint, the core video, and all handouts, lesson plan, instructions and videos as electronic files. This includes a video of the full presentation being delivered to serve as an example of what the final lesson can look like. $65

Sticker Shock Stickers Can be purchased in rolls of 1,000 stickers per roll. $40 per roll

Training by Youth to Youth Our group has traveled all over the country to provide youth advocacy training and do presentations and workshops. If you would like more information on training and technical assistance, please visit our page on Training Provided.

Cost varies depending upon travel required, complexity & length of the training, and other factors.

Please Contact Us for a quote or visit our page on How to Schedule Us.

Web Based Training We offer a variety of web based trainings throughout the year. Upon request we can provide customized web based training for your organization.To see our scheduled Web Based trainings, please visit our page on Web Based  Trainings.

Visit our web based training page for more information. Please Contact Us for a quote for a customized webinar for your organization.

Samantha Skunk In the summer of 2014 Dover Youth to Youth purchased the Samantha Skunk program from its creator. Information about the program and how to purchase costumes and other materials is available at Visit the Samantha Skunk website at for purchasing information.

How to Complete a Purchase:

To purchase any of these products, or if you have any questions, please email Dana Mitchell at d.mitchell@dover.nh.govIn the e-mail please:

  • Identify your agency or group; and,
  • Indicate that you agree to the simple Conditions of Use below; and,
  • Tell us to whom the invoice should be made out to. You will be emailed an invoice and your materials will be sent right out to you.

CONDITIONS OF USE: The materials we offer for sale represent the original work product of Dover Youth to Youth and is available for use, with permission, for non-profit purposes consistent with an anti-substance abuse message and application. The purchaser (which includes anyone who receives the materials from us, regardless of whether it was paid for) agrees to the following terms:

  • Purchaser agrees not to pass the materials on to a 3rd party.
  • Purchaser agrees to use for non-profit purposes only, consistent with a drug-free message.
  • Purchaser agrees to email or write to Dover Youth to Youth informing us of how the materials were used.
  • Purchaser may duplicate materials for their own use without restriction.
  • Purchaser may re-record a PSA locally or play it as we created it on local stations.
  • Attribution to Dover Youth to Youth is not required if you re-record the script or put your own tag on it (in other words you may tag the PSA as “Presented by ____ (name of your group)” without mentioning Dover Youth to Youth.
  • Purchaser agrees to have fun using the materials. Best of luck!
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