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Y2Y Purchases Samantha Skunk Program

The Dover Police Department’s Dover Youth to Youth group recently purchasedhome-image-middle the Samantha Skunk program from its creator, retired UNH Professor of Business Bill Scott. The formal transfer of ownership was celebrated at an event on Wednesday November 5, 2014 attended by Mr. Scott and a large number of Youth to Youth members.

The Samantha Skunk character was first created to tell a story about smoking cigarettes in a way that kids ages 5-7 could relate to. Professor Scott was inspired to create the program because of his daughter’s asthma and the difficulty she experienced when exposed to cigarette smoke. Since its creation, Youth to Youth has produced two variations of the original script; one that focuses on medicine safety, and one centered on exercise and lung health.

The story is told using brightly colored, full-body costumes worn by Youth to Youth members, including the title character, Samantha the magenta skunk. The various forms of the presentation are presented by Youth to Youth in Dover to kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students.

The Dover students were asked to pilot the program by Professor Bill Scott, shortly after its creation more than 20 years ago. Dover became the first community to adopt the Samantha Skunk theatrical presentation and it has been used by Youth to Youth as a tool to teach a positive message to elementary age students ever since.

Professor Scott was pleased to be able to pass the program he created on to the Dover youth. “For me, success is measured in how one influences other people.  Dover Youth to Youth is the perfect organization to ensure Samantha Skunk lives on, enthusiastically influencing kids to make healthy choices.” Scott said.

Youth to Youth plans to continue to provide presentations in and around Dover, as well as conduct training to other prevention groups and schools when requested. Outside groups may also obtain program materials through Dover Youth to Youth.

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