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Radio PSAs

Radio PSA’s

PSA Creation
PSA Creation

Through 2013, Y2Y had created 70+ original radio PSAs and these are played throughout New Hampshire on a variety of radio stations. We often purchase air time but more often they are played as a public service. Ideas for PSAs come from a variety of locations.  The Dover Coalition or other organization may request an ad on anything from making parents aware of alcohol in the home to second hand smoke impacting pets. Often a student will come in with an idea for a PSA or a draft script.

All of our PSAs have been recorded at the studios of Radio Station WOKQ which is conveniently located in Dover.  Our students receive instruction in studio techniques, editing processes and other tips for recording in a studio.  They critique the parts as they are recorded and often re-record a part multiple times until it sounds right. Each year WOKQ and its sister stations play 100s of our radio PSAs each year.

Below are some links where you can hear some of our Radio PSA’s:

15 Words – Alcohol industry manipulation

At the Gate – The danger of second hand smoke exposure

Tricks – Tobacco Industry manipulation tactics

The Brain Alcohol – Sharing Real Facts

Addicted to Fud – Alcohol Industry tactics

Guessing Game – Parental Drinking

Taylor’s Story – The consequences of Alcohol

Lyndsey’s Story – Alcohol and Date Rape

Zzzapper – Alcohol Industry targeting teens

Cool – Access to alcohol in the home

Mad Invention – Access to alcohol in the home

Fridge Justice – Access to alcohol in the home

Youth to Youth would like to thank radio station WOKQ as well as the Shark for long standing support of our media development efforts.

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