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We Want the TRUTH

Youth Group Calling On Alcohol Companies To Tell The Truth In Their Advertising

My name is Zach Demers; my name is Lizzy Edmonds, and I am Bella Britton.we want the truth

We are all members of Dover Youth to Youth and we are here downtown today to announce the start of our year long We Want the Truth Campaign.

We are concerned about the alcohol industry not telling the truth about the actual consequences of alcohol.

We feel this is a problem because it affects how people, but mainly kids, see the impacts of alcohol. In a recent survey of Dover High School Students the majority of students didn’t feel that drinking was risky or harmful.

This demonstration is part of a year-long campaign to make the community more aware of the consequences of alcohol.

To get this message out, we are protesting against the way the alcohol industry advertises.

Over the next year, Youth to Youth will be taking action to make people aware and to get this message out. First we are holding this informational demonstration in downtown Dover where we are using big visuals, posters, and palm cards to get our message started.

We will also be chanting and explaining our protest to pedestrians and answering any questions that pedestrians have.Truth Palm Card

By taking these actions we hope to change the way people think about alcohol.

We hope that the alcohol advertisers will tell the truth about consequences in their advertisements.

We feel that the alcohol industries hide almost all of the consequences when they advertise – probably because they believe that telling the truth will cost them money. They use a variety of images in order to distract the person looking at the ad; a few examples being sexy, attractive, cool, or independent people, or groups that are having fun.

The actual consequences of alcohol are potential violent outbursts, alcohol poisoning, increased vulnerability, and most importantly addiction.

I feel that “By raising awareness of alcohol, the industry will feel pressure to start telling the truth”

This campaign is being kicked off during Youth to Youth’s week long Summer Training Program that teaches students the truth about alcohol and drugs.

Over 60 experienced and new students from programs in Dover, Rochester, and Milton are participating in the training program this week.Truth Palm Card back

Dover Youth to Youth is an after school drug prevention effort coordinated by the Dover Police Department. For more information on this issue or Dover Youth to Youth please call 603-516-3274. More information is also available at the Dover Youth to Youth website at

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