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Taking on Big Alcohol During Alcohol Awareness Month

Dover Youth to Youth is celebrating Alcohol Awareness Month and Taking on Big Alcohol. During the month of April we are hosting events locally and encouraging youth groups from across the country to take action as well. Below you will find some easy activities that you can do this month to counter the messages that Big Alcohol is sending to your community.

The Boss Wants More Money Video

Earlier this year Dover Y2Y finalized its video “The Boss Wants More Money” and premiered it at the CADCA conference in early February. This short 6 minute video is a humorous way to educate others about how the alcohol industry is in the business of making money, creates ads that are attractive to kids and fails to warn the public about the consequences of using their product.

Share the video on your social media sites to help spread the word!

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Host a Gear Exchange
Gear Exchange
Gear Exchange

Big Alcohol spends billions each year advertising their product. One way they advertise is through branded giveaways such as clothing, athletic gear and other promotional items. The Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth reports that youth who own alcohol-branded promotional items are three times more likely to have ever tried drinking.

A gear exchange is a simple way to get alcohol-branded materials out of the hands of youth and replace it with positive drug-free messages. Check out our website to learn more about hosting a gear exchange locally.

Sticker Shock

Have you ever seen a case of beer have any warning about how alcohol can impact a persons judgement, impulse control or risk taking? Big Alcohol fails to put sufficient warnings about the consequences of using alcohol on cases of beer but we can.

Sticker shock is a simple way to provide consumers warnings that Big Alcohol wont. For information on how to conduct your own sticker shock campaign visit our website. E-mail us for a copy of our checklist for implementing sticker shock and a lesson plan to prepare students for the activity.

Brain StickerFridge Sticker

Dover Youth to Youth has developed two different alcohol stickers that are available for purchase on our website.

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