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Register Now For Our October 29th Webinar

webinarNext week Y2Y will be launching its 2014-2015 School Year Webinar Series, a series of 4 webinars where each is intended to provide an overview of a specific skill that youth advocates need and practical examples of ways that youth can take action in their community.  Hear from our Youth to Youth members as they lead  the first Webinar:

What is My Message? Also: Creating a radio Public Service Announcement
Wednesday, October 29th 2014 at 3pm ET

Click here to view the Webinar Handout

The webinars are helpful for new youth groups or established teams looking for new ideas. The webinars cost $50 per training or $145 for the series of all 4. The other insightful Webinars will be:

  • Presentation Skills for Youth Advocates. Also: Presenting the Samantha Skunk Rx Safety Program for early elementary
    Tuesday, January 6th 2015  at 3pm ET
  • Taking on Big Alcohol: Countering their Message. Also: Case Study: The “Tell the Truth” Campaign
    Tuesday, March 3rd  2015   at 3pm ET
  • Involving Youth Advocates in Policy Change. Also: Case Study: Passing a City Ordinance Tuesday, May 5th  2015 at 3pm ETRegister

For more information on the exciting Webinars go to our Web- based training page.


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