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Policy Change Webinar Offered Next Week

Next week Dover (NH) Y2Y will conduct its last webinar in the 2014-2015 School Year Webinar Series. Each webinar provides an overview of a specific skill that youth advocates need and practical examples of ways that youth can take action in their community. The webinars, primarily taught by youth, are helpful for new youth groups or established teams looking for new ideas. The webinars cost $50 per training.

The next topic is:

Involving Youth Advocates in Policy Change.
Case Study: Passing a City Ordinance
Tuesday, May 5th  2015 at 3pm ET

The focus of this webinar is to assist a youth group’s adviser in preparing youth advocates to participate in policy change activities – including state and local legislative activities, as well as policy change efforts aimed at schools, retailers and other organizations. Case Study: The final portion of this webinar will provide a step by step description of the process used by students in Dover, NH to pass a city ordinance in that community.

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