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Dover Youth to Youth to Provide Adult Adviser Training

Adult Advisor Training Offered in Dover, NH
The training will take place Monday July 10th through Thursday July 13th in Dover, NH from 8am-4:00pm daily.

WHO IS IT FOR? For either: (1) adult advisers who are currently supervising an anti-drug youth empowerment program like Dover Youth to Youth, or (2) for adult staff who will be instrumental in organizing or implementing a youth empowerment program in their community or region. (3) Key youth leaders may attend in some cases if approved in advance.

WHAT IS THE Y2Y Adult Adviser Training DESIGNED TO DO?

The Adult Adviser Training gives the participants a chance to get advanced training, information and skills that they can use as an adviser to a youth advocacy group taking on the drug problem. Training includes: a series of classroom and interactive sessions on different approaches for youth engagement, how to develop core advocacy skills in youth, advocacy resources you can bring back, gain ideas about action projects, and learn best practices for the administration of a youth empowerment program. You will receive specific instruction on how to build skills in your youth, including: Presentation Skills, Media Development, and working with the press. This training is highly interactive. Over the 3 1/2 days, attendees also have several opportunities to work directly with students while these concepts are applied during several drug prevention activities (see examples below).

You will work with students on these prevention ACTIVITIES:

  • Learn & Record radio spots in the studio
  • Prepare press release & hold press conference
  • Present to parent group
  • Learn and perform theatrical skits
  • Present a medicine safety class to kids
  • Group activism/prevention rally

COST: $325 Per Attendee. This includes all program costs for: training, prevention activities, and breakfast & lunch each day.

QUESTIONS? Any questions regarding this program? Contact Dana Mitchell at 603-516-3274 or email

TO REGISTER: for this program, complete the registration form and return it to Dover Youth to Youth at 46 Chestnut St. Dover, NH 03820 attn: Dana Mitchell. Enrollment is limited to 12 Adult Advisers. All applicants will be notified once they are accepted. Click here for registration form.

WHAT IS dover YOUTH TO YOUTH? Dover Youth 2 Youth (Y2Y) is an extracurricular drug prevention program coordinated through the Dover Police Dept. and the Dover Coalition for Youth. The program empowers youth to change their environment by developing knowledge and skills that can then be used to take action regarding alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Members of Y2Y work together to perform skits, create media, give presentations to younger students & take action through a wide variety of other projects. Y2Y members provide training & technical assistance to other programs throughout the US.

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