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Press Release

Dover Youth to Youth Won’t Be Fooled by Big Alcohol’s Disguises

We are all members of Dover Youth to Youth and we are here downtown today to announce the launch of our high risk alcohol products campaign.

We hope to make the community aware of new alcohol products that are designed, promoted and marketed to be unreasonably attractive to kids and teens. Our theme is:

Hey big alcohol! Dress up is for kids!

We are concerned about the way the alcohol industry is marketing and promoting their products. For example we are concerned about candy and fruity flavors in alcohol products.  We feel that flavors downplay the risks of alcohol for underage drinkers. For example, the SLUSHIE product from Downeast is covered in colors that make it look like an icee, and has a very high sugar content, which causes it to taste like candy. These two things can be extremely attractive to kids and teens. 

We are also very concerned about alcohol packaged in ways very attractive to kids and teens. For example, this brand of beer from Concord Brewing Company has cans designed like the kids animated movie Finding Nemo. On the side of the can, it asks “how many fish can you find?” and you have to go around the can looking for the different fish, almost like a children’s menu at a restaurant. This brings up the important question: what kind of adult wants to find cartoon clownfish on a beer can? Over the past year we have written two letters to the Concord Brewing Company, the company who makes this design for their beer, but as of now, still have not gotten any reply.

This beer from Smuttynose brewery has the UNH Wildcats team mascot and the UNH official shield logo. This is especially bad because most students on a college campus are under the legal drinking age, and won’t be until their junior year of college. This glorifies the frat party and college drinking culture to people who aren’t over 21, and whose actions could extremely impact their educational future.  

We are also concerned about the recent trend of adding alcohol to drinks normally consumed by kids like us. This includes alcoholic versions of: Simply Lemonade, AriZona iced tea, Vita Coco, Bang energy drink and Sunny D.

The Boston Beer Co. has recently collaborated with Pepsi to add alcohol to the teen drink Mountain Dew. It is not sold yet in New Hampshire yet and we hope to work with the NH Liquor Commission to continue to block the sale in NH.

We are also concerned about fruity and candy flavorings, youthful packaging, edible sweets with alcohol, caffeinated alcohol products and branding some alcohol drinks as healthy or a health food

We hope that this demonstration makes the community more aware of the dangerous marketing strategies the alcohol industry uses to target kids and teens in an effort to market their product as safe and harmless.

We feel alcohol companies should be more responsible. We want them to stop targeting and advertising to youth, stop using candy flavorings in their product, stop decorating products with kid-friendly designs, and stop making products that are attractive to youth.

We are particularly concerned that these promotions will attract kids, addict kids to their product, and cause an excess of underage drinking.

To get this message out, we are putting on this rally in downtown Dover and having this press conference to inform the public of our concerns with the way big alcohol markets their product.  

Over the next year, Youth to Youth will also be continuing the momentum of this campaign with projects like radio and video PSA’s, presentations, and other advocacy activities.

By taking all these actions we hope to bring awareness to the alcohol industry’s advertising strategies that target kids and make alcohol seem harmless and safe. Targeting kids means more underage drinking, which is harmful to their health and development. Your brain isn’t fully developed until you’re 25 years old, and drinking underage can permanently damage your brain chemistry, which leads to poor school performance, depression, and most importantly, addiction. The alcohol industry is able to addict children and teens because they market in ways attractive to youth.

According to Dover Youth to Youth sixth-grader Maggie Elliott, “I feel like Sunny D vodka is targeting me and my friends because it used to be a kid drink and now they put alcohol in it.”  

This campaign is being kicked off during Dover Youth to Youth’s week long summer training program that teaches students the knowledge and skills they need to take action on substance misuse issue in their communities. Nearly 40 experienced and new student members are participating in the program this week.

Dover Youth to Youth is an after school drug prevention effort coordinated by the Dover Police Department with support from Wentworth-Douglass Hospital. For more information on this issue, or Dover Youth to Youth in general, please call 603-516-3274. More information is also available at the Dover Youth to Youth website at     

Media Advisory

Youth Group Raising Alarm Over Alcohol Industry’s Kid-Friendly Marketing Practices 

Dover, NH – Students from Dover Youth to Youth will hold an informational demonstration and press conference on Wednesday July 12th in Dover.  The youth will be launching the Dress-up is for Kids Campaign to raise awareness about their concerns about alcohol promotions, packaging, and ads that “dress up” the products in ways that are unreasonably attractive to teens and kids.

The press conference will include displays of many examples of products that are of concern. Specific concerns that the students will explain, include:

  • A Concord Brewer’s use of the children’s movie “Finding Nemo” to market their New England IPA (two letters of concern sent to the brewer have gone unanswered).
  • Boston Beer’s collaboration with Pepsi to add alcohol to Mtn Dew, a soft drink popular with teens (and using the same logo). The students hope to work with the NH Liquor Commission about the possibility to block the sale of it in NH.
  • Smuttynose Brewing Company’s UNH Wildtracks beer, which features the official University of New Hampshire shield and Wildcat mascot.
  • And many other products of similar concern will be discussed.

The youth will utilize large visuals, posters, costumes, flyers and chants in an effort to educate the community about dangers of alcohol and how these companies are marketing the products in ways that are attractive to kids. Over 40 youth activists are expected at the event to launch this educational and awareness effort.  The campaign is expected to last for at least the next year and will also include radio ads, social media and other steps which will be outlined on July 12th.

WHO:              Youth activists from Dover Youth to Youth

WHAT:           Youth will hold a demonstration and press conference

WHERE:         Dover Rotary Gardens – Corner of Washington St. and Henry Law Ave.

WHEN:           Demonstration 11:15 am – 12:15 pm

                        Press Conference at 11:45 am

STREAMING:   If you are unable to attend in person, the event will be live streamed on the Dover Youth to Youth Facebook page. Click here to sign up and join.

Dover Youth to Youth is a peer-oriented drug prevention program for students in grades 6-12. It is coordinated by the Dover Police Department with support from Wentworth-Douglass Hospital. The students work on a variety of drug prevention programs and community service projects throughout the year. These projects alert the community about the dangers of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.

Santa’s Castle 2022

Santa's Castle_Small

We are so excited for the 2022 Santa’s Castle! The event will be held on Friday December 16th from 4:30 – 7:30 pm and Saturday December 17th between the hours of 2 – 6:30 pm. The Castle will conclude on Friday, December 23rd from 4:30-7:30 pm.

During the tour, students from Youth to Youth, acting as elves will guide visitors through Rudolph’s stable, Santa’s toy room, Mrs. Claus’s Kitchen and other parts of the Castle. The tour culminates with a visit with Santa.

Along the tour, children will be entertained by the elves and will collect small gifts in each room. Families are welcome to bring a camera and take pictures or video during the tour and with Santa. The experience takes about 20 minutes, but will vary based on the age of the children and interest in these activities.

This year Santa’s Castle will be a little different. In order to attend, pre-registration is required. Groups making a reservation must be no larger than 6. To ensure the safety of all guests and performers, participants are expected to observe social distancing and the groups going through the tour will be spaced out more than in the past. To pre-register, go the the calendar below, select a date, time, and fill out the form.

Santa’s Castle is designed for children ages 8 and under, but the whole family is invited. The cost is a flat fee of $25 per reservation. Proceeds support the anti-drug activities of Dover Youth to Youth.

Entrance to Santa’s Castle will be from the Saint Thomas Street side of the McConnell Center (Door #7). Parking is available in the parking lot located behind the Dover Public Library and on the street by the Dover District Court.

For additional information, go to the Dover Santa’s Castle Facebook page, Youth to Youth’s web site at, call the Dover Police Department’s Community Outreach Bureau at 603-516-3274, or email

Dover Youth to Youth is an organization made up of Middle and High School students who meet after school to conduct activities and events that promote a drug-free lifestyle. Youth to Youth is coordinated by the Dover Police Department with support from the Wentworth-Douglass Hospital.

Registration is FULL.
We hope to see you next year.

Santa’s Castle 2021

Santa's Castle AnnouncementWe want to thank everyone for supporting Santa’s Castle. We are less than a week from launch and have officially sold out. If you were unable to get tickets this year we hope to see you next year.

Dover Youth to Youth is hosting its 14th annual Santa’s Castle at the McConnell Center in downtown Dover for 3 days during the Christmas season. Each night children and their families will be able to tour several rooms in Santa’s Castle and meet Santa and many of his elves. (more…)

Pop Culture Influences on Underage Drinking

Understanding Pop Culture messages is an important step in preparing students to be community activists. Youth advocates should be conversant in the basics of Pop Culture influences and sensitized to the negative messages their peers and the community can get from popular music, movies, TV, video games, toys, and pop idols. Dover Youth to Youth has recently revamped its Pop Culture presentation and has a variety of resources to help youth learn about pop culture influences. (more…)

Job Posting

Blue Now Hiring Company Direct Mail General PostcardDover Youth to Youth is currently looking to hire a full time Prevention Programmer. Interested applicants should apply at


As a full-time, 34 hour per week position, the Prevention Programmer is a civilian position within the Community Outreach Bureau of the Dover Police Department. The Prevention Programmer is primarily responsible to implement prevention strategies by planning and conducting alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention programs within the community. The Prevention Programmer’s duties involve working directly with middle and high school students. Starting pay is $17.94 per hour.

Position remains open until filled.


NH Tobacco 21 Webinar

Dover Y2Y is hosting an online training and discussion for NH youth groups interested in supporting legislation to increase the age to purchase, use and possess tobacco products to 21. Students will provide an update on the current status which raised the age to 19, provide examples of how local communities can work towards passing local ordinances, and discuss how NH youth groups can support a statewide bill.

Any NH youth group or organization interested in supporting Tobacco 21 efforts is encouraged to register for the webinar here. A link to participate and more information will be sent out the week before the training.



Webinar Resources:


Webinar Recording – Coming Soon

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