What We Do

My name is Kennedy; my name is Claire, and I am Delaney. DSCN2211

We are all members of Dover Youth to Youth and we are here downtown today – along with students from Rochester, Epping, Franklin, Milton and Newmarket – to make the community aware of kids using e-cigarettes and advertising for the product being attractive to kids.

We are concerned about the new phenomenon of e-cigarettes.

We feel this is a problem because people (especially teenagers and youth) are using e-cigs a lot, thinking that they are harmless…when that is untrue.

We are particularly concerned about the various flavors targeting kids. For example, there are fruity and sweet flavors which seem to be more youth oriented.

This demonstration will hopefully make our community more aware of the problem that e-cig and big tobacco companies are creating.

To get this message out, we are protesting using large visuals, small visuals, and palm cards.

We will also be chanting and explaining our protest to pedestrians and answering any questions that pedestrians have.

Over the next year, Youth to Youth will also be creating new presentations and PSA’s surrounding e-cigarettes in order to get our message out as we learn more about the issue.

By taking all these actions we hope to spread our message and reduce youth use.

We feel that advertising for e-cigarettes make the product look harmless. Big tobacco companies try to make you forget that e-cigarettes are still made with nicotine, which is highly addictive. And, an overdose of nicotine can cause nicotine poisoning which can cause you to become very sick. But e-cigarettes are advertised with attractive people, and are associated with delicious flavors; all with no consequences involved.

There are 7,700 different flavors available from different companies. Examples of flavors include cotton candy, Swedish fish, and Skittles.

“E-cigs are not the better alternative to smoking.” Said Claire Roy (6th Grader at Dover Middle School).

This campaign is being kicked off during Youth to Youth’s week long Summer Training Program that teaches students the knowledge and the skills they need to take action to take on the drug problem in their communities. Over 60 experienced and new students from programs in Dover, Rochester, Milton, Newmarket, Eppi20150708_124020ng and Franklin are participating in the training program this week.


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